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Welcome to Let There Be Beef, custom cuts.

This journey into raising high quality farm fresh Wagyu Beef started simply with the love and care. We wanted to serve our family good food that is hormone free and farm raised. All of the beef we found was simply expensive; about two to three times the prices we charge. Our goal is to provide farm fresh Wagyu Beef that is hormone free and affordable. All of our custom cuts of beef support small businesses like ours. Our cows are gently harvested at Mineola Processing with a USDA inspector and then the beef is custom cut at Jose Hamms in downtown Mckinney. They have been in business since 1954. We support small business and the American Dream

Our cows roam on three hundred happy acres and are harvested between 24-26 months of age. The beef is custom cut into big portions, vacuum sealed and wrapped in butcher paper. Why vacuum seal and wrap in butcher paper? It protects the beef to a greater extent to ensure its quality and freshness. No one else goes to this extra level of care. We simply care and that is why we spend the extra time and money to ensure the quality of the meat. God Bless You and Your Family.


Why Our Wagyu Beef & Chicken a healthy choice

Our beef, chicken and eggs are a healthy choice for your family. This breed of cow has superb flavor, great marbling and is prized by chefs and restaurants around the world.

  • Happy Lives

    Our pasture-raised animals live healthy and happy lives treated with care and kindness

  • Born to Roam

    Our Cattle & Chickens are born to roam and graze.

  • Our Chickens

    Chickens are hatched to scratch and peck and roam on acres of beautiful pastures.

  • All Natural

    No Mass Productions, No Growth Hormones, Just Sunshine, Pastures and God’s Grace.

Support Small American Farms Pasture-raised farms support hard working Americans and re-establish small, sustainable communities and businesses.

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